Wheelie Good MTB Art Sticker

Wheelie Good MTB Art Sticker

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This wheelie good holographic sticker is for the guy or gal who loves mountain biking. Stick this mtb sticker on your phone, helmet, water bottle, notebook, bike, etc...

Size: Printed in the USA to = 4"(H) x 3.75"(L)

This sticker is of high quality with a sheer finish.

Artist retains all reproduction rights and copyrights.
Copyright 2020 Carrie Pill

Please note: colors vary slightly due to calibration differences of monitors.

*Free domestic shipping! Whenever possible, I ship with clean, recycled materials.

My ideas often come out adventures in the great outdoors. Check back soon to see where my inspiration has taken me!

I hope the happiness I feel when painting can be seen in each piece.
Thank you for viewing my work.

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