Meet the Artist


Creative process:


As a skier, mountain biker, nature enthusiast and gardener I am rewarded with abundant joy, energy and painting inspiration year round.


My paintings are a combination of real and remembered places, stories from a life in the Northeastern United States. I particularly treasure the Vermont landscape, her wildlife, vistas, communities and small farms. I paint to share the magic of a full moon ski and the bliss of mountain bike adventure. I paint to share the satisfaction in growing one’s own food and the goodness in supporting small farms. I paint to share the soul soothing mountain lake and sunset ribbons through a hemlock ridge. My work is a celebration of life here in Vermont, however I know many of these good things are present and celebrated worldwide.


My work is a combination of the real and daydream landscape. Painting is a way for me to interpret and express my own ideals and share personalized snapshots and perspectives of the magnificent and pure beauty I encounter year round.


I gravitate toward the composition that tells a story. The four seasons of a Green Mountain, a farmer and her chickens, a brook trout in a deep mountain river pool are among the vignettes I’ve created from the natural and humble beauty of the place I proudly call home. Images of old farmhouses, an overstuffed farmers market basket and a detailed flower with a pollinator are all works that give attention to the gorgeousness and importance of the small farm.


In the studio, I am energized by the properties of oil paint, composition possibilities and saturated hues. Most of my paintings are completed in my home studio. On occasion I will paint a still life or en plein air.


Thank you for viewing my work.


About me:


I studied at Green Mountain College, where I focused on studio art, art history and environmental issues. My work is in private collections predominately here in the United States. I have had illustrations published in Northern Woodlands Magazine as well as murals installed at the Long Trail Brewery and Vermont Institute of Natural Science(VINS). I am an active member of the Chaffee Art Center. I currently live in Rutland, Vermont.