1: Skiing and Painting The Beast, Killington, Vermont

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Day One The Beast painting

The Beast Basics

Location: Central Vermont, Town of Killington

Established year: 1958

Let’s talk size…

Killington’s elevation is 4,241, she covers 1,509 acres with 155 trails and 21 lifts. 

There are heart fluttering steeps and greens and blues that provide cruising, carving and knock out scenery.

The longest runs utilize Great Northern and Great Eastern. They can leave you spent and satisfied. I highly recommend a “peak to creek” run, which begins at Killington’s peak and ends somewhere in New Hampshire.

See more stats, maps and current conditions here: The Beast site

Skiing Killington

Photo credit: Abby Allaire

Killington, to me…

Killington is one of two home mountains for me, Pico, the closest, is this the other.

I count on Killington for a lot. Killington is my season extender. I’ll happily hike those stairs to slide on snow on opening days. And when spring arrives I have to play on the Superstar Glacier. It’s like skiing at the beach only the sand is made of snow cones and sometimes there are VW sized moguls to dance(or, in my case, fumble) around...and let us not forget the amazing characters that show up for this. A sunny party on snow...rad.

Photo credit: Kim Kranz

I count on Killington throughout the season to have a base, when the weather has been cruel, I can count on Killington's snowmaker's and groomer’s hard work.

And when I want to be a 40 year old park rat? Killington creates playgrounds upon playgrounds, perfect variety for progression and creativity. 

Favorite Overall Trail: Great Northern...views, big, basic, classic, lasting, reliable

Favorite trails for working on my turns: Bunny Buster, Header and Middle Superstar

Take me to Narnia: Solitude, Launchpad, Patsy's


Finding inspiration…

There are bends on Great Northern that provide vignettes that never cease to jaw drop, there are spruce tunnel winter wonderlands like Solitude that make me sing rat pack tunes and want to paint their lasting feeling.

The trees in Patsy’s woods, when laden with snow, are straight out of a Doctor Seuss book, just singing to be painted…

...and finishing the day at the peak lodge is most rewarding. The light kisses the mountain tops from miles away. You leave humbled once again by the size of this place.

Killington and The Belt of Venus

Painting Killington

I carried ski jacket pocket-sized painting materials for the first painting session at the top of the North Ridge. Video for tiny painting: "The Spruce Song"

Another day included a short hike to the summit at sunset, this inspired alpenglow works like "Summit Gaze"(below) and "Killington and The Belt of Venus."(above)

The last piece, "The Softest Hour," (below) was painted from inside my car with fast fading light while I was parked in the upper Snowshed parking lot. The Canyon area and the Peak take center stage in "The Softest Hour."

The Softest Hour

More paintings here: Shop available work

In summary

You can expand your skills here while you enjoy far reaching views. You can extend your ski season here, and if you're up for the challenge, you can paint here!

Just for fun:

What Ben & Jerry’s flavor is Killington? “Everything but the…”

Snack time: the new K1 base lodge has 3 of my favorite boosts, snacks I can rely on to grab quickly on a powder day...Skittles, Fritos and a can of Starbucks cold brew...also hot damn is that lodge stunning! If I'm starving and have more time, the Jerk Shack is where it's at.


That's all for now about mountain # 1 of 'A Painted Tour.' 

Up Next: Saskadena Six 1/6 and Mount Snow 1/7! Keep your eyes peeled for new work right here in my online gallery


Thank you so much for reading about this adventure! Love, Carrie


Questions? Painting tips? Local mountain intel? Feedback? Reach out! 

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