Skiing and Painting Vermont, The Project

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Artist Carrie Pill Ski VT

Skiing and Painting Vermont, The Project  

Carrie, what exactly is 'A Painted Tour'?

To define the project simply, this ski season I am skiing and painting all 20 alpine ski areas in Vermont. To accomplish my goals, I am teaming up with Ski Vermont. 

Sharing skiing and painting stories along the way...

There is rich history in skiing and art in these mountains and hills. We find views that leave us awestruck and trails that will bring the kid out in you every time. Gathering around each ski area are communities that love these places with all of their hearts, as extensions of their family and home.

To read more about my visits to these special places, be sure to follow along with daily posts and stories on my Instagram and Facebook about the skiing and the painting adventures. I'll be blogging about each ski area as well.

Painted Tour Vermont Carrie


Read more about this project here: Ski Vermont Press Release and Rutland Herald Article


The Project Beginning: How is it going?

So here we go. I’ve been perhaps overindulging on the introspection here, BUT I’ve never done this before.

This is a dream project! I can focus on two things I'm intensely passionate about, skiing and painting, right here in Vermont. 

Being so over the moon for a project, fearing failure and the unknown is such a weird space to be in. I kind of love this though, I know this space promises opportunity for growth.

The real challenge here is that I don’t have someone else’s plan to follow, no road map, no “tow in.” All of that being said, I think I’ve got this! I'm at a point in my craft and career where I can bet on myself.


Killington Peak The Beast


Doing scary new things

The creative mind is fascinating! How we come to do our best painting or even how we can feel creative block intrigues me. 
Fear of failure, if you’re not managing this very normal emotion, will steer you right towards, yup, you guessed it, failure. It can happen in the form of a creative paralysis. This is where you’re afraid to fail, so guess what you do? You do something else or even worse, you do nothing! It’s self sabotage, and, my creative friends, we have be mindful of this!
When this emotion starts rearing its ugly head I tell myself to chill and keep moving forward. Get out of your own damn way Carrie!



Winter plein air painting ski gear


Community, Paint and Skis: We're ready!

Mindset, check! I am lucky to have some amazing humans rooting for me, this makes all the difference. I have my ski area schedule. Painting materials stocked(see my lists of what I pack for skiing and winter plein air painting adventures here.) A few friends for company along the way. A couple of overnights booked…and a set of goals for each visit. Let's go!
In preparation for this I keep asking myself “am I missing something?” Am I doing this right? And then I remember it’s my project, I'm the boss, I get to make the decisions here. I laugh at my spastic side, step back, breathe and have faith in….
Doing the best I can! Knowing it’s going to be a wild, beautiful ride and a working project. This project will no doubt teach me more than I could ever imagine. A season to remember!


Painting Ski Vermont


Dear Friends...

Thank you for joining me on this adventure! Your feedback has been incredible. Your enthusiasm, support and local knowledge means so much to me.
I'll be posting about stop 1, Killington, on 'A Painted Tour' very soon. So check back and make sure you've subscribed to my newsletter if you are interested in purchasing any of the newest pieces from the tour.
Sending love and powder days,
Photos by Abby Allaire Photography



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  • So glad to have shared a T-bar ride at Lyndon Outing Club ski area the day you painted there, Carrie. Best wishes for your journey through Vermont!

    Woody Bousquet on

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